Bugs   Resolved

"New Pedalboard" button causes "Loading Pedalboard" to spin forever - Resolved (5)
Lose all Switch/Knob assignments when powering back up (5)
Unable to update the system (5)
Unauthorized plugin upgrade and installing (10)
Faulty Footswitch #2? (5)
Unauthorized error (10)
GUI not showing current settings of plugins. Showing default settings (8)
Can no longer save or delete a pedalboard or switch pedalboards (6)
MIDI CC Actuator stops to work after first use (9)
Usability of "Update All" while a pedalboard is loaded (6)
Problems with CabinetIV after upgrade to release 1.0.1 (5)
Shared pedalboard image is distorted (3)
Pedals are hidden under pedal menu (5)
Too many bad boots on MOD Duo (13)
Pitch shifting effects don't produce sound (5)
Changes to assigned knob range settings don't work (3)
Peakmeter leds / displays / accentuation (5)