16 Pad Sample Player

Is that already a thing?
I think that a “drum rack style” sample player plug-in (like the Ableton one) would be great combined with a 16 pad midi controller. It could also be the brain of a hybrid drum set up with pads.


Hi! I believe you can use some of the generator plugins and map them or they follow standard midi protocol. You can also find some kits if you use the DIE synth with Sf2-files. There are free packs to download. Hope this helps! And you could create your own samples and convert to Sf2 perhaps? But I do not now any plugin which does this in standalone mode yet.


There’s nothing like that. @Imaginus suggestion may be a nice “starting point”.
Anyway, I’m saving your experience in our requests list. Let’s see if you gain some supporters :slight_smile:

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We could look at porting Fabla – OpenAV

Although the UI (and sample loading) would be slightly tricky to figure out properly.