17/2/2022 | Willebroek (Belgium): Point Fifty | modern heavy metal

Hi guys

I’ll be doing my first gig with the MOD Dwarf!

Expect high gain rhythm sound and some high pass reverb shenenigans :smiley:

venue: CC De Ster Willebroek (Belgium, between Antwerp and Brussels)
As support for RHEA
kick off: 20:15


how will you be using the Dwarf there?
(I guess I know the answer, but I want to boost the appetite for your gig of our community :wink: )


I’ve created a pedal board for my role as rhythm guitarist.

High gain and not to sharp/bright.
Since I double some lines with the lead guitarist, I don’t want to be in his reagion too much but I still want to be close enough so we “fatten” up a riff by playing it unison and sound good together when doing something in harmony.
Not going to deep into the lows to keep away from the bassist ^^

You’ll hear the MetalTone and a parametric EQ combo and even some experiments on higher notes, thanks to a splitter, a high gain filter and a reverb.


I can’t wait to see the videos of the gig! :wink:
It’s a pity that we can’t organize a “MOD team excursion” to Belgium :sweat_smile:

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I’ll see what I can do for audio and video recording. recording loud and low level venues is not really my specialy, letalone having a camera angle while i’m on stage.


Cool, Lieven! I am also curious to see and hear your gig! It would be fine if you get recperding done.

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some friends recording a few videos with a phone may be already good enough :wink:

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