A/B switcher option - is there one?

I find it quite odd that there isn’t a stereo A/B switcher plug-in. It’s a common thing to have two chains of effects and choose A or B while maintaining a stereo path. There is a stereo mixer, two channels into one, but not the opposite.

Is there an effect of some kind, which has this option?
Possibly there is a paid plug-in not in the library which has this option?

Just wondering what others use when they want to do this.

Hi @S_Righteous

Just checking I understand the question correctly. Are you looking for a stereo version of something like SwitchBox?

As long as there’s no dedicated stereo switch, it should be easily doable using Macro controls using CV.

No guarantee, though - I’m still waiting for my Dwarf myself…

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We already have a working stereo switchbox version (well UI is not finished), not yet pushed into the store.
That should solve this once we publish it, right?

So my understanding (and I’m new :grinning:) is that Switchbox sends the output directly to either of the hardware outputs. So Switchbox is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a way to route internal signals to different effect chains inside the unit.

I would prefer something which takes a stereo signal and routes it to either A stereo out, or B stereo out (of that plug-in) more like the opposite of Stereo X Fade, with a fader button. I like being able to control ‘send amounts’, so a fader works great.

However it would also be great to have a stereo version of Toggle Switch 4, because I would use that to route the stereo input to one of 4 possible effect chains. currently using two of the mono version means you can’t make this switch with ‘one click’ of a button.

switchbox is a plugin, has regular outputs, it is not for talking to hardware, not sure where that idea comes from.

here is a simple screenshot of such setup.

This is possible with the CV trick added in v1.9

Ah, yes a stereo version of Switchbox would work. I think I believed it was specific to the hardware (just like the Bypass plug-in), from seeing how it was used in a pedalboard.

I will look at that CV trick, it appears to do what I had attempted with midi modules.
Thanks for the tip!

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