A couple of new plugins (remaincalm Floaty delay and Paranoia bitcrusher)


also needed to install these:
(could be added to the mod sdk instructions?)
sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-setuptools


Anyway - yeah, am keen for feedback if anyone with the dev rig setup can test these out. I’d like to shake out issues before I publish them for real.

Instructions still to come.


(avocado will probably get cut down to two parameters and simplified a bit)


'+ thanks again, devs - great hardware, excellent system.


I’m looking forward to trying these out!


Installed the binaries for testing:

curl -o /tmp/remaincalm.plugins.tar.gz REALLY_BAD_HACK_NEEDED_HERE_FOR_G_DRIVE
cd /tmp/
tar xzf remaincalm.plugins.tar.gz
cd plugins
for p in *.lv2; do \
 tar cz $p \
 | base64 \
 | curl -F 'package=@-'; \

floaty is fun! good job

EDIT: above will only work on OSX, MacOS, Linux, *BSD and other unices (might work on windows10 if you have M$'s new Linux subsystem)


…i just then updated the plugins tar archive with the most recent builds (presets and fixed UIs for everything). might be worth re-downloading.



I have tried your plugins, and I am really digging the paranoia and floaty! Very usable sounds, although it takes some time to dial it in.

The mud also sounded great, although it was very difficult to get it to do what I wanted it to (the LFO knob did not react like expected).

The avocado is very promising, but also a bit too unpredictable for me. Could you explain the inner workings of the avocado perhaps?

//Jesse from the MOD Team


avocado is the least developed of those and will be getting a bunch of updates when i get a chance.
it’s a glitcher/stutter effect.
it records input into one of N buffers randomly. when a gate closes (i.e. when you stop playing) it plays back randomly from one of those buffers.
the original version had ~12 controls and i’m trying to compress it down to 2 or 3 knobs. not 100% there yet, but the default preset does a lot of what i want it to do.

the filter and LFO knobs on these are all pretty weird.
the filter knobs cycle through a range of cutoff and resonance values.
the LFO knobs have different behavior on left/right sides.
the sweet spot for ‘mud’ is a bit off and i am debating whether to put in a deadzone and tune it a little better.
the LFO knob controls speed and depth of a sine wave modulating the filter position (which is clamped); left of 0 it’s about 3x the speed and depth of the right side.
because of the clamping you can get very different effects on at the extreme ranges of the filter control.

really not sure how to indicate that, but to be honest i don’t mind a bit of mystery in there.


the controls on paranoia are also pretty weird

left side: 6-bit, 30kHz->300Hz resampling
right side: 10 bit, 30kHz->300Hz resampling
far-right: 10 bit, full rate

sweep between 17 different bit flip/mute patterns. these are rough at the left side and get progressively more mental towards the right. non-integer values linearly interpolate between two bit patterns. there are a couple of distortion sweet spots around 11-13.

0-80 - bandpass filter, sweeps through cutoff/resonance values
80-99 - highpass filter
100 - no filter


mud and floaty are probably the closest for actual usage at the moment (although both still could benefit from a couple more days of tweaking).

they’re all stable, at least. i think, anyway.


The correct people have these now so this stuff should all start showing up at some point.

The non-UI thing is a switch that toggles output on specific MIDI CCs (as opposed to 0/127 for on/off - this just toggles). This lets me use my USB Disaster Area DMC-4 to control a couple of extra pedals.


Any news ? I’d really like to try these ones :slight_smile:


still waiting on the moddevices devs to include it. i think they’re snowed under on firmware updates.

the plugins are done*, i’ve been using them for a while and they’re good fun. apologies for any delay.

(* still the occasional odd behavior… )


Is there code that I can copy and past into my terminal window to upload to my Duo?


i’ll have to upload a build somewhere web-accessible but yeah. give me a day or two to put instructions together.


these should show up pretty soon - current one has broken GUIs but a fix has been submitted.


The ‘remaincalm’ plugins on the non-stable are updated now, should have the modguis, but I didn’t personally tested it.


Floaty (weird delay), Paranoia (extreme digital distortion), Mud (filter/modulation), and Avocado (glitcher) are now all up in the unstable/untested section of the site. Instructions are in the forum. These haven’t been extensively tested by other people yet so please exercise caution (but they work for me!).


I’m going to give these a try today. :+1: