Ableton link?

Since release 1.5 “ableton link is supported”.
Can someone please explain to me how to go about that? As far as i know, Ableton link works over LAN or WLAN connections, which the MOD does not have.
And if it works, could someone give me information on how to sync tempo with ableton (tempo set in ableton)?

If that is not possible, how can i recieve tempo information (sync) over midi?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @domlo,

I’m not much of an Ableton user but as far as I know the connection with the Duo is via USB.

However, the Duo only has master sync. Slave sync will be implemented in the near future.

I will let the more Ableton-savvy user help you out with the specifics on how to use Link though…


Thanks. I’ll try to figure it out with ableton in the meantime. Problem is, that i’m not ableton-savvy either, but my bandmate (drummer) is.

It works through the USB-Network.

So if you have Ableton running in your machine and the Duo connected via USB, then it should work.

Thanks. Tried that, but maybe the firewall was in the way.
But now i know that it should work, so i’ll get it to work eventually :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As the bluetooth connection also is a “network” connection with ip adress, can it also work using a bluetooth dongle?

I guess it should :wink:

It does !!! :slight_smile:

Edit: It works both ways as well! I can change the Tempo in Ableton also and it’s synced!


HI! could you explain how to? Ive connected the mod duo through a bluetooth dongle, I can edit the preset in a browser, but ableton link doesnt work… please!

I guess that here is the issue. You should be connecting via USB

I got it working via bluetooth then. But to be honest, i’m not sure how… Because i moved house a couple weeks ago the mod is not yet unpacked. When i come around to testing it will let you know.

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I’m not really experienced using Ableton Link so I can’t really tell you how you did it.

Please do so. Thanks :slight_smile: