About the Plugin: Promotion category

The place where developers get assistance moving their plugins from the community plugin store, to the official plugin store.

This post will always be pinned to the top of this subcategory. It presents you with the basic information you need to know in order to move your plugin from the community plugin store to the official plugin store. For a more global overview of all the processes involved in plugin management, see: this post by the MOD-father.

Requirements for promotion to the official store

  1. The plugin has already been successfully run through the publishing process
  2. The plugin must satisfy all the requirements for publishing
  3. The plugin can be considered stable:
    3.1 The plugin does not cause xruns
    3.2 The plugin has no memory leaks
    3.3 No combination of parameter values can cause stability issues
  4. The plugin must be a worthwhile addition to the official plugin store:
    4.1 Community feedback must be positive
    4.2 The plugin must have a functional and nice looking GUI
    4.3 The plugin must have appropriate and functional metadata
    4.4 The plugin must have a nice and attractive descriptive text (see this guide by @Adriano)
    4.5 If a similar plugin exists, the plugin must be particularly good / efficient

Quick overview

In short, promoting your plugin is a 5-step process:

  1. Fix all the requirements for promotion and update your plugin’s mod-plugin-builder and mod-lv2-data files
  2. Submit a pull request for mod-plugin-builder
  3. Submit a pull request for mod-lv2-data (if applicable to your specific plugin)
  4. Make a forum post, requesting the promotion
  5. The “Plugin master keeper” (@jesseverhage) will review your submission, and if needed, help you work out any issues

We highly recommend you to check out the plugins currently in the mod-plugin-builder and mod-lv2-data github repositories, to see an example of MOD-ready plugins.

A great example of a plugin where the lv2-data is kept in the mod-lv2-data repository is bolliedelay by the awesome @Bollie.
See his mod-plugin-builder files and mod-lv2-data files.

Take a look at the Guitarix plugins by @brummer for examples of plugins that don’t have the lv2-data in the mod-lv2-data repository. See his mod-plugin-builder files for the GxSuperFuzz plugin.