Acoustic guitar modeller


Hi there!
Since I’m planning to buy a mod duo, I’m wondering through plugins trying to image what could I do. Is there any specific plugin for acoustic guitar? A good modelling SW? I’ve got a triple play exaphonic Pu, and a good acoustic guitar with piezo and I want to reach a good natural sound, plus some effects. Do you think is it possible with the mod?


Hi @Alessandro_Forlin,

I’ve seen some great stuff from André Martins (@guitarra.zen on instagram) and George Nash (@georgenashmusic) who both use the Duo with acoustic guitars to achieve some wonderful sounds.


I arrive to do that (and it works well !); but it’s really not easy yet.
If you buy one, I could help you.


I’ve been using Duo with piezo on banjo for a while now. I’ve been using a Boss Acoustic Preamp to boost the signal–it gives eq and compression in the duo more to manipulate. I’ve very recently switched to use a DIY preamps for boosting. DM me if you’re interested in the Boss.

In terms of natural sound, I think there’s alot to be said for the Duo cab modeling. Def acoustic does well with a little grit added. But, I tend to go a little nuts with other kinds of effects for drone, etc…