Adding 5/4 (1 + 1/4) and 7/4 (1 + 1/4.) of the MOD tempo


I like (a lot) having two delays not hitting together too quickly, so I’ve took the habit of using a delay A using the main tempo and a delay B using 5 x 1/4 length of the main tempo (on my Eventide Timefactor which could be replaced completely by the Dwarf !!!).

Could it be possible to add this on the list of possibilities in here ?

1 + 1/4. (7 x 1/4) could be useful too if it’s not too much to ask.



I will be adding this to our request list.
I’m not sure when or even if it’s possible. It also depends on the plugin developer.


Oh, I’ve been wrong on my request. I want to have :

  • on the delay A ♩(a quarter note)
  • on the delay B ♩+ 𝅘𝅥𝅯 (a quarter note + a sixteenth note)

So to avoid having 1000 possibilities in this menu could it be possible to set a percentage of the main bpm clock ?

This is more of a matter of the choices done by the developer of the plugin that exactly ours (unless we develop internally that plugin). In theory it is possible, in practice it may require a lot of time. It all depends on how much of a need this is for the users.

ah ok ! This menu only appears for commands in ms or s so I thought it was the system that made these choices possible. Indeed asking every developer seems a bit ambitious…
Maybe I’ll find a CV plugin to convert the main clock ?