Ahhh - MOD DUO completely frozen - not booting at all (tried all recovery options)


Really need some help here - was just getting into this (just bought a Footswitch too!) and now it’s doing nothing - actually starting to feel a little ripped off actually - love the possibilities and sounds but the problems are ongoing - can an actual MOD person get in touch as this isn’t really good enough for a £500 pedal…

Thanks guys


hey @MikeFlynnBass have you considered doing a fresh reinstallation?

check -> https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_Reinstall


Thanks Max - I’m returning the unit as it’s still in warranty - it’s literally doing nothing at all when I went through all the recovery/reboot/reinstall options yesterday - I did consider doing a fresh install via a USB stick but I was afraid I’d mess it up - I’ve only had it two months and it just seems to have frozen - the guys where I bought it from are going to get a new one or at least get it repaired - fingers crossed I get a new one and can start over…


Hello @MikeFlynnBass ,
I’m sorry to hear that your Duo is not working and that I did look into the forum for the past week.
Do you still have this unit so I can try to guide you with the reset process?
Please write to support@moddevices.com in case you have trouble with the store. MOD will do its best to solve the problem so you get a working Duo again!
Best regards
Jakob from MOD Devices.