ALO: a new multi-looper with BPM sync


ALO now has a GUI. I’ve bumped the merge request to ask MOD folks to check if it’s good enough for unstable yet.

I’ve been using the script to build and deploy from within the MOD Plugin Builder docker container. The script assumes that the host alo source directory is mounted into the docker container at /tmp/moddevices/alo


stoked. :space_invader:


Hi everyone,

I have just published ALO to the beta repository. Thanks @devcurmudgeon for your work :slight_smile:.

It is a good idea to write a little description on how it works exactly, because probably not everyone will be checking out the forum post to find out.



Thanks Jesse!

Where should I write that description?

Once it’s in beta, I’ll also make a video showing how it works


The description is pulled from the rdfs:comment field in the .ttl file.

You can find a lot of different examples in the mod-lv2-data github repo.

Let me know once you have added the description, then I will update the plugin accordingly.



OK the description is updated now - I’m planning to make a short video about the plugin with an example pedalboard this weekend


Thanks Jesse!!!

@devcurmudgeon I tried it last night, didn’t seem to get the “bars” parameter to work. The audio was always recording 2 bars.

For recording 4 bars i “fixed” it by just setting the beats per bar to 8 (so 8/4) on the mod.

Do you have the same issue?


@devcurmudgeon, thanks for the quick description, I have published the plugin update, so it is already live :slight_smile:


@domlo - no, that’s a surprise to me. it may not vary the length once a loop has been recorded. i’ll check the code.

in other news, the latest update also does not pass the input signal through to the output (so output is only the loops), but i think ultimately there needs to be a toggle switch for option of including the input.


I thought that at first, too. Then i deleted the plugin from the pedalboard, loaded it up again and set the bars before recording the first loop. Still might be in the cache somewhere though…
I’ll try today with different pedalboards and restarts.

If i haven’t said it (enough), your work is awesome! The looper is easy to use (also through its restrictions) and the time sync is just so convenient. It’s like looping with ableton, great job!

also the double tap function for deleting is a nice touch and good to see, that it’s possible. Maybe also interesting for other plugins (maybe for the stuck/freeze pedals)


thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you’re getting somewhere with it :slight_smile:

fwiw in my use-case I’m running multiple ALO instances in parallel: each instance can have a different [BARS] setting, so I can make a four-bar phrase loop over two repeats of a two-bar phrase, for example.

i’ll try to figure out what could be going wrong with the reset soon


i’ll try to reproduce and report back. don’t sweat it. when you’re running multiple instances with different bar settings, it should work for me, too.


Got it to work properly. I guess you’re right, once you recorded, the bars parameter is set, even when you delete the loop. But that’s ok, you set the looper up before anyway.
To change settings i stopped the midi clock, shut off the plugin, set the bars and then started everything again.

Next thing i’ll try is to run it with ableton link. should be the same. should… :slight_smile:

One more thing i noticed: Play/Record only works when Global BPM is on, i knew that. But when i turned it off and on again the loops were gone. Is that by design? I think it won’t matter but it could be problematic when loading a new pedalboard or something like that… i’ll play around with it :slight_smile:


But when i turned it off and on again the loops were gone. Is that by design?

yes, fraid so - currently ALO only works if global BPM is running, and resets all loops on stop.

ableton live mode should work - that’s how i use it


Just had to share a bit of doodling…
Next thing is to test it with sax and set the threshhold to live-circumstances :wink:


very cool :smile:


Our first live performance using Alo looper on MOD Duo

We could have positioned the cameras better, but:

  • 2 bar acoustic guitar loop to kick off the song, runs all the way through (on MOD channel 1)
  • 4 bar lead guitar loop recorded before the drums kick in (channel 2) then Andy switches to bass guitar
  • click track sent to headphones
  • once we get going we have the 2 loops in sync with the click, plus live drums, bass, guitar and vocal.
  • Andy drops the guitar loop in and out using Keith McMillen 12 step
  • all tracks recorded separately and then mixed afterwards (no overdubs)

With a bit more wiring we should be able to loop bass, acoustic and both electric guitars, all at the same time. Next time I’ll be sure to include footage of the Duo doing its magic :slight_smile:


Awesome! Great song!


nice looper! thanks


Wow! What a tune!
Great job!!