Ambient drone Guitar

Here is a pedalboard with an ambient guitar.
I play the low E string in ostinato with the melodic lines.
The rig is made in wet / dry
I am using snapshot 3


Love it! Great job dann!

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Super cool :slight_smile: I can listen those sweet bright single coils of the guitar you played :wink:

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@redcloud @jon
Thanks for your feedback :smiley:

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I’ve tried to download this a couple different ways and for a few days and I keep getting the failed message.

I was successful downloading a pedalboard when I first got my MDX, but only after someone recommended that I have a fresh clean new pedalboard with no edits yet. The first tab of my chrome browser is my MDX connected and responding just fine. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry. I was just a little too quick. I tried a different browser (sad to admit it was safari) that doesn’t have a bunch of extensions added to it and it worked just fine. Saw the suggestion in a different category in the pedalboard section. Thanks @falkTX