Anyone else find that their browser won't always connect to the Dwarf?

I had to try 6 times to get Firefox to finally see the Dwarf. I tried Safari and Chrome too. So far, only Firefox is able to connect… sometimes.

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yeah, that happens to me sometimes. I found that turning OFF the Dwarf, then disconnecting the USB, then turning it ON and finall after the menu start conecting again to the USB usually solves that. Kinda strange and uncomfortable at times tbh.

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Have you tried changing the setting of the USB-B mode in “Settings” > “System behaviour” on the Dwarf itself in the settings?

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Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. This doesn’t inspire confidence.

What should the settings be? Furthermore, why should we need to do this when it used to work.

Don’t know what it “should” be, just revert to default if it does nothing. I had a similar issue and As Windows user, I needed to chat it to “net+midi (windows)” but I see you also use safari so I presume you’re on mac

Happens to me all the time as well. I seem to remember reading something about browser plug-ins being part of the cause of MOD devices sometimes not connecting. But I wonder if it isn’t a transport protocol issue—the MOD devices are just using HTTP, but most modern browsers default to HTTPS. And with the browser automatically replacing the prefix with https://, the devices simply can’t connect

Does make me wonder if the MOD team is able/willing to add secure hypertext transfer protocol to the devices so that they can connect either way, or use a full-duplex protocol like WebSocket.

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What OS version are you using?
There were some recent updates on Chrome that broke this system.
Also, have you tried to swap the USB-B mode on the device setting of the MOD Dwarf?

This is indeed a weird behavior that we are investigating, but we discovered that it fixes the issue sometimes. The USB B has different modes to help deal with different OSes (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.) and also to allow the device to be used as a MIDI interface

Actually, that is also something that can generate issues.
@Gino have you tried an incognito session?

If you’re talking about the version of the Dwarf OS, it’s whatever the latest is. I’m running Big Sur on a Mac Mini M1. I can try running Firefox in Private/Incognito mode tomorrow night. But what setting should I use in the USB mode?

I would only try to swap it around. Sometimes after swapping it ends up working on the previous one (including the default). We are investigating why this happens, but I can tell you that it happened with me like once and after that, never again. I guess that the host computer somehow opens a “gate” after those swaps and after the first connection it keeps fine.
Just don’t use the Windows one. Since you are running the device on macOS, that wouldn’t make much sense.

Normally straight after connection it is fine. I found the issue was that the network adaptor device would just quit functioning. Power cycling the Dwarf was the only way to fix it temporarily.

I backed up my Dwarf to USB, and then did a factory reset on it, then reloaded just my pedal presets. It now has been stable. So maybe try that?

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