Anyone porting the Kapitonov-Plugins-Pack to MOD devices?

Has anyone started working on porting the Kapitonov-Plugins-Pack to MOD? GitHub - olegkapitonov/Kapitonov-Plugins-Pack: Set of plugins for guitar sound processing.

I’m especially interested in the tubeAmp plugin, which allows you to profile amps and export the parameters to a file. Profiling can (and probably should) be done on a PC, but the plugin does not require any of that. The author already provides a couple of profiles that could be shipped with the plugin on the MOD platform.


Issue here is that it needs meson and faust dependencies which afaik are not used for any other plugins at the moment (means the plugin builder needs some additional packages/methods).

Not impossible, but would need some attention.

They do warn that you should take care that the signal going in is -20dB, this does put some concern for the average user that will probably not do this (or know how to do this). Some practical implication to consider.

I saved this on the request, despite the potential issues that @dreamer mentioned.
It always depends on the ration between the amount of requests and the time that it can take to implement such features on the builder.


Hey, any news about this? Especially interested in the profiling aspect of the tubeAmp too. Thank you!


From the MOD team not really. We have been really busy with the MOD Dwarf production, the OS updates and also the finishing of promised plugins (like the Looperlative and the TTAP). I’m not sure if some user is actually taking a hint on this.