Arbitrary signal routing - the unsung hero of the Duo?


Hi all, I was recently having an interesting discussion about how the Duo stacks up against more mainstream digital multi-effects boxes such as the Line6 HX Effects, and it became clear to me that even very experienced users of many of these boxes who have tried the Duo won’t necessarily realise and appreciate how its signal routing is way better than most, if not all, its rivals. The ability to make any combination of:

  • utility effects like the 2-way switchbox, ToggleSwitch4, CrossOver3
  • the ability to merge multiple outputs into the same input
  • unlimited parallel signal paths (well, only limited by available CPU)

surely puts it above many others in its class, and gives rise to innovative pedalboards, e.g.

Can rivals such as the Kempers / Fractals / HX etc. do this?

I really think this aspect of the Duo is way under-marketed. @MOD_Ronny perhaps you could consider making some YouTube videos which explain this?

By the way, if you want to see the full Duo vs. Line6 HX Effects discussion, I’ve linked it from Comparing the Duo with its rivals.

Comparing the Duo with its rivals
Comparing the Duo with its rivals

Thanks @aspiers. I love your ideas. @Adriano what do you think?


Totally agreed!
We have stressed the routing factors in our last series of videos.

As we have new product launches coming up, those are definitely in the production pipeline.

@aspiers , if you and other MOD users would like to get involved in conceptualizing some of these content pieces we would also be very happy. Let’s talk about it?


the flexibility of the signal path is absolutely the secret weapon of the duo! The plugins sound great and amazing routing would be useless if you were routing a terrible sounding signal around, but it’s the ability to run many parallel/split/recombinant audio paths that makes it so magical :slight_smile:


Here is a pedalboard I created a while back for my NS/Stick. It’s pretty complicated…
I made a video about it too.
Splits and Blends Galore! Even a studio style Aux Sends for delay and reverb.


Sure! Also definitely worth including in the conversation the users who have created the pedalboards mentioned above and any others with complex routing.