Assigning a controller to a hardware controller as well as to a midi controller

I have a wish for the further development of the Mod platform: It would be good if you could control a knob both with the hardware and via midi. This is how it is solved in other midi-enabled pedals: I can turn the knobs at any time, then when a midi signal comes, the manual setting is overwritten and vice versa.

I currently have the problem that I have linked a knob to Midi for a small feature, but I would have to constantly turn the knob during performance. Unfortunately, I can’t do both, or have I overlooked something?

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You actually have a workaround for this if you use CV plugins. You can load two Control to CV plugins, map one to an encoder/knob of your MOD device and another on the MIDI controller. Then you should just give the same CV name and map that CV on the plugin you wish. I didn’t test it myself now, but I believe it would work. Can you confirm it for me?

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Hi Jon!
Sorry for the late response but I have been on a business trip to Hamburg (in the times of Covid… unbelievable).
Many thanks for that pretty good idea. This shows me again that I have to think in a total different manner as I do it for my current fully midi-controlled pedalboard (which will be sold after getting in love with the dwarf).

Sadly it is not working. Even if I take the same name for both “Control to CVs” these both are listed in the “Assign to” PopUp. You can make your choice of one of them, the other then will be ignored. I tried is several times and tried to dupe the system but without success. Any other idea?
Many thanks for the quick response!

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Hey Kim!
Probably @bassyben here explained better the method, no?

Hi Jon,
This sounds interesting! I will check this. Many thanks for the tip!

Hi Jon,
unfortunately, that’s not the solution either. However, I have to say that I have learned a lot about using the Mod platform. A lot of things can be solved with additional plug-ins: If, for example, a knob of an effect is already linked to a knob of the Dwarf, you simply build in a second one whose same knob is operated via Midi, switch off the first and switch on the second.

You simply operate the pedalboards differently. With a haptic pedalboard, you can’t just buy a second effect just to turn a knob. But you can do that here. And that is the philosophy of the platform: You have to think more in terms of plug-ins and less in terms of achieving as much as possible with as few means as possible. Since I have understood this, I have come up with many more solutions. In addition, it is becoming increasingly clear to me what CV can achieve; much more is possible here.

Many thanks once again for your answers!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I’m sorry that I didn’t give you “the answer”. Some stuff I need to try first and sometimes it’s faster to drop some thoughts on how to do it :slight_smile:

No issue! Everything is fine. As you saw sometimes the drop of an idea is enough. This time it did not work, but the next time…

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