Assigning a MIDI volume pedal tip

Thought I’d throw this in here in case it’s useful to anyone else (I use it on almost every pedal board I have…

As the MOD currently doesn’t have the capability to assign high and low ranges for CC control, attaching it to the gain pedal means a boost of 40dB at the extreme of the pedal… The simple work around is to put another gain stage before it set to minus 40 - meaning that +40 is now unity gain.

The plug in is so clean that there’s no added noise (that I’ve noticed)… I use this a lot in side chains to control reverb level - instead of having the CC assigned to any of the parameters on the reverb pedal, just put the doubled up gain controls after it, and fade it in and out.

Hope that’s useful…


I don’t use a pedal for volume but I did put a gain plugin at the end of my chain and assign it to a knob. I don’t want it to boost so I set the range to -40 to 0. This way I don’t mistakenly blast it… I use that last gain plugin to trim the level a bit in case it’s too hot to the board.