Assigning MIDI Ctrl (MIDI Learn) is not shown (but works)


When I try to assign MIDI-controllers of my MIDI master keyboard to various parameters of a plugin, sometimes the rotation of the knobs is not shown or the parameter knob is not “greyed out”.

For example: I have nine rotation encoders on my MIDI master. I begin to assign the rotaries of a plugin one after another with MIDI Learn and mostly at the 5th or 6th the rotaries (sometime earlier) the web pagerotaries doesn’t move - but assigning seems to work.

Also you can see that the MIDI controller is learned for this parameter. But the rotary on the web page does not move. After one “not working” assignment the next assignments also won’t be shown on the web page, but are working. Also the learned controllers are not “greyed out” on the web page after one “defect” rotary assigment.

How to reproduce

  1. New Pedalboard
  2. Take a plugin (I took MDA Piano)
  3. Click on the configuration icon
  4. Click on the Icon right nearby a rotary encoder of a plugin
  5. Choose MIDI Learn... and press Save
  6. Rotate a currently unused rotary encoder of MIDI master keyboard
  7. If the rotation is also shown on the web page go to 4 and try another parameter until problems start.

Expected/suggested solution

Assignement should have an optical response.

Additional information

  • release: v1.1.0 (not sure, but I think this happend also on older versions)
  • controller: d8d8f0e

Also provide some information about your system if possible.

  • Operating system: Linux
  • System version: Kubuntu 16:10
  • Browser: Firefox 49 / Chrome


What MIDI keyboard do you have?


Ah - sorry, I forgot:

Roland A-800 Pro (MIDI master) and Kawai MP-5 (Digital Piano).

I have not found a constellation to reproduce the problem. Sometimes it happens while learning the first parameter, sometimes at the fourth or fifth. But when it happens it seems that any other learn process does not work anymore.

If you cannot reproduce the problem: I can make a video or come to office with my A-880.

Regards, Holger


Is this at least partially related to Mod won't learn MIDI ?


The issue on that topic was just the user that didn’t know he needed to click on ‘save’ first.

This specific issue was not something I was able to reproduce.
It’s very likely to be fixed now anyway.


@Codeman can you confirm this issue is fixed?


Will try this soon and report!


Hi @ricardocrudo,

sorry for late reply - yes, I can confirm that the problem is gone.

Regards, Holger