Assigning MIDI foot controller to Looperlative on MOD DUO X

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a Hotone Ampero Control MIDI foot controller to pair up with my Mod Duo X but been having trouble on setting up this footswitch to control some functions on the Looperlative pluging.

From what I’ve understand, some of the functions on the Looperlative can be controlled by sending MIDI Note values. My Hotone Ampero allows me to define 4 different modes for the footswitches: Single, Toggle, Momentary and Hold. Which one should I use for this case?
And then, for the type of MIDI message, I can choose PC, CC, Note On, Note off.
And for each one I have Data 1 and Data 2 which can be set to different values.

Anyone with experience that could help me set this up?


I believe that not MIDI note values. All the assignments on plugins are done with MIDI CC messages. If your controller sends notes you will need to convert them somehow. My suggestion is to grab a MIDI Note to CC converter plugin and then use the virtual MIDI loopback port to feed the output of that back into the device.

…but as far as I understand her, you can set up your controller to send MIDI CC, so I would go with that and avoid the workaround.


Hi @jon and thanks for your answer.

So, this information on the LP3 documentation is not correct/not needed?
I see that I can assign midi CC commands so will see what I can do with that.

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So, I’ve managed to configure my foot controller to the Looperlative functions of:

Loop multifunction button;
Track multifunction button;
Half speed;
Replace 1/4;
All of these were assigned via CC with an arbitrary number.

For the first two, the switches had to be set on Momentary with values in group A of 127 and group B of 0.
For the rest, the switches were set as Toggle, with values on group A of 127 and group B of 0.
All sending through MIDI channel 16.

Hope this information is helpful for the next ones trying to set up their foot controller!

EDIT: What I’m finding now is that because my footswitch doesnt have any LED’s for status, I have no information if I have a loop recorded, if the loop is playing, if it’s empty, if it’s recording, etc etc…

I tried using the Extra LED Status but got no result/didn’t really understood it’s functionality because I have no reaction when it’s set for example to Half speed and then I actually click on Half speed, it doesnt blink or anything.


Bare with me that I’m not that familiar with Looperlative yet. I’m overall a newby on loopers usage.
I guess if that is there is for some reason - unless there’s some typo.
Looperlative LP3 has a MIDI in on the GUI. So I guess if you connect here a virtual MIDI cable that is “transporting” MIDI notes is this the behaviour that you will get (I didn’t try it)

Are you in the 1.12 RC?

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Well, it did work with me with CC commands as i explained above. I can try and do the workaround with the virtual MIDI cable you spoke when I get a chance.

Yes, I am in the 1.12 RC3 version right now.


No need for that. If it works, it works. Make music instead :slight_smile:
When I have the chance I will try to plug a controller keyboard into looperlative and just send some notes to confirm that.

Hmm ok. I was under the impression that you would have this type of feedback on the device

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