Audio File plug-in not re-triggering audio

I’m looking for deeper information on the Audio File Plugin

I want to have long passages of spoken word, and other ambient elements, which I can trigger with a button as needed.

This plug-in seems to work, but after playing 20 seconds or so, you can’t retrigger it if needed. In the first few seconds of playback, hitting an assigned button will clearly retrigger playback, but after some time, this just doesn’t work, or will play back after a very long silence.

Is this expected? Or is there some set up I need to know about?

Depends on the unit you use and the file format. encoded files with a non-48kHz sample rate take more processing to simply play back. This is specially noticeable on a Duo.
Convert those files to 48kHz wav files, and playback should be instant. it will save on the background cpu usage too.

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This is great info, thanks for this.

I almost always use 44.1kHz files.
I will give it another go!


I just loaded some 48k files, and they don’t play at all.

In that bottom section where it says “no file loaded” - should that message go away?
I’ve selected different files, and refreshed the browser, but that message is always there.

48k Aif’s didn’t work for me, but 48K Wavs did, so I will use those.


can you send me one of those aif files? I can then investigate the issue why they dont work. thanks

What is the best way to do that - can I email them to you? I can’t add a zip to this forum.

I will PM you with a link where you can upload stuff.