Audio interface?


Hello, will it be possible in a near future to use the Mod Duo as an audio interface ? Will it be an hardware or a software upgrade ?


If you run Linux and the correct version of Jack on that machine, then you can already do it :slight_smile:


Is there any plan to make this work on Windows ?


Jack exists on windows as well, but I have never tried it and don’t know about the performances.

I would be curious to see if that same procedure with the Duo can be done :slight_smile:


The holy grail would be for the Mod to just pop-up as an ASIO device when connected.

Presumably this “just” needs someone to write a driver for it? Wouldn’t know where to start with that…




Ok, I just managed to get it works on Windows, and it works great.

You need to install jack for Windows and use Ardour or Reaper (since they have jack support) in 32bit (since jack for Windows doesn’t support 64bit). And then just follow the wiki :