Awwww yisss

The DuoX has finally landed!

Unfortunately my second strega got delayed a day due to a train derailment, but it’ll be here tomorrow.

Hoping I’ll be able to make some time for an unboxing video, and some stereo strega experiments using the MDX for some envelope generation.

Looking forward to digging into the CV capabilities and how I can apply them in my setup.

Hope you all are well!


let the @Elk_wrath magic continue! :heart_eyes:


Joy to the world, the Mod has come!! :pray:

(Elk’s got new gear = more music coming!)


The monster stack.

Only need 10 more Stregas for my set up and I can officially have a coven.

Edit: Adding some nerd stuff about the dual strega setup.

The touch based patch points can 100% be used across two devices. So if I’m nimble enough and not in a pile of spaghetti cables, I can use the touch plates from one to modulate the other.

Once I get some time and am not brain dead from lack of sleep, I’ll be digging really deep.

Dual strega=instantaneous soundscapes.

Can’t wait to get some time to get that MDX in the mix and start experimenting hard. It’s gonna take me weeks lol


hahahaha a bit of dark humor in the morning fits always nice :sweat_smile:

Anyway, it’s looking really nice man! How do you plan to add the MOD DuoX on that setup?

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Hey João!

You know, I’m not 100% sure how I am going to implement the MDX yet, but I have an idea of the utility I’ll be seeking from it.

The strega does not have a gate in. It’s a drone machine, but if I plug a CV envelope into the activation circuit, I can pull out more traditional sounds like plucks.

Since I have 2 stregas, and 2 lanes of CV out on the MDX, the first set of experiments will be testing that capability out. I’ll map the ADSR to a set of knobs so I can manipulate it while running my simple 8 step sequences.

Today I need to address my power situation. I’ve restricted myself to one power strip per set up. The strip has 6 plugs, and the MDX is plug number 7 if I plan to keep the dwarf in the mix. I have to check if my Phoenix power supply can supply the juice necessary for MOD products.

I’ve been generally unhappy with the volume of my tracks, so I am taking some time to address my mixer and trying to identify why I have such a massive drop in audio volume from my interface to iPad. I’m really trying to avoid recording stems from my mixer and then compiling them into a track. It takes away from the single take live jams I prefer to do.

Also, did you get a chance to tie my plugin licenses for the MDX and Dwarf?


I still have your message open in a tab, didn’t forget.
Just need to handle a couple of things first… sorry for the delay.

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No worries at all Falk!

I know you are super busy!

I’m gonna be experimenting a bit before I need to use the paid plugins, and I still have my dwarf I can assign as my primary effects box for the time being.

Thank you!


hey @Elk_wrath … i’ve been playing with this NovaDrone for many years now; it’s a DIY kit from Casper Electronics. much like the Strega, it’s a drone machine without gates or envelopes… so i’ve been scheming about how to use some CV control from the ModX to introduce rhythms, gestures, envelopes, triggers, etc…

…i won’t be able to get into this again until sometime in the new year, but we should swap stories about what we’re able to accomplish along these lines!



ah so you sent the serial numbers also to @falkTX, @Elk_wrath?
I also had it open, but still didn’t manage to talk with falk about it

Hey Plutek!

That thing looks bonkers! Let me do some research on how that bad boy functions, and I’ll do my best to see how the MDX would play along.

I’m hoping that I’ll have some energy to expend at my setup today after my shift and get everything hooked up. Once I start the experiments, I plan on trying to record a video showing how it all works.

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oh this seems pretty interesting!
I’m curious to listen to what you guys get.

@plutek I hope that you didn’t just feed my synths/gear and DIY addition…too many projects laying around on that :sweat_smile:

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Hey João,

I did send Falk the info, I figured it was gonna end up on his desk regardless haha

I know you have things to focus on at home :slight_smile: so I was hoping to handle it on my own

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haha thanks a lot :slight_smile: you close one tab on my computer. My and my computer appreciate it :slight_smile:

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