Backup DUO into hard-drive or Cloud?


Is there a way to backup DUO onto my computer hard-drive or to the Cloud?

It would be great to back up my DUO if anything were to happen like I break it or lose it. When I get another DUO I would have to start from scratch. It would be great to be able to plug the DUO in and restore just like my iPhone.
Is there a way to back up the DUO or are there plans to offer a backup on the MOD Cloud?

Thanks for listening!


I really wish that there is a way to back up my DUO.

I’ve been testing how the unit works when I unplug the power and power it back up. I always (I mean always) hit save after I make any changes to a pedalboard. When I re-started my unit the screen was not showing correctly and no pedalboard was loaded. I checked the banks and the pedalboard does not exist. I pulled up the GUI and it’s not there either. However, I can see on the picture preview that one of the other pedalboards looks like the one I lost but when I click on it, it’s totally different.


How long are you waiting from the moment you press save until you plug off the power?

I’d say 5 seconds is a safe number.
The flash writes pending data down every second, so the minimum to ensure the data is there is 2 seconds.

If it’s a new pedalboard it will miss the screenshot, as the MOD takes a little more time for those.


I wait about 30 seconds to a minute before unplugging the power.
I did notice it takes a while for the screenshot to appear on the library page.


Came here to investigate the same topic.

Anything in the works?

A first step could be as simple as a shell script that does an scp on the relevant directories. I don’t mind making and sharing something (with the understanding that it’s best suited to power users)


@unbracketed, we didn’t work in anything so far.

I’ll start to work on a script to backup/restore the data to/from a usb stick. That way we make it suitable to the most users.
Hopefully we’ll have this script in the version 1.5 integrated with the settings screen of the GUI.


That is a great idea!

I have two Duos and would like both to have the same list of pedalboards.

Looking forward to this function!


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As long as this topic is up…

Has anyone successfully used the backup feature? I tried once or twice after it was released but didn’t get any results.

For my own use, I occasionally run something like:
scp -r root@modduo.local:.pedalboards $OUTDIR/pedalboards with OUTDIR set to a folder in my Dropbox. A more complete solution would grab all the user data directories to include: banks, plugin presets, favorites, and preferences (settings).


This reminds me that I should backup my Duo to a thumb drive…

I will let you know how it goes.


I finally did the backup to a thumb drive.
I then uploaded it to my second Duo. No problem. Except… it didn’t transfer the settings of 256frames or the In/Out Gain Settings.

It would be really cool if there is a comprehensive backup where I can have all settings, including the hardware settings, backed up on a USB drive. Then I can plug the USB Drive into any MOD Duo and be right at where I left off with the other unit. Great for when you have a backup Duo.

Save pedal board with CTRL+S

Good to hear, thank you for sharing your experience. Yeah it would be nice to have an option to do a complete backup that includes settings and favorites. I’m curious - does the Duo automatically resolve (download and install) missing plugins when it loads a pedalboard? Or are they bundled into the backup?


I’m not sure where the plugins are… I think they are bundled in the backup.

When doing the backup, on the setting screen, there is the option to backup/restore gains, bluetooth, etc… but I don’t think it worked. I did the restore again with those options selected (I know I selected them when I did the backup) but there was no difference. The gains were not updated.

It would also be great to be able to do this without a computer.