Balanced/unbalanced of true-bypass

I believe the input of the Duo is unbalanced but the output is balanced.

What happens when you use the True-Bypass?
Does it stay unbalanced to the output?
Does it balance the signal? (That wouldn’t really be true bypass any more…)

I have an idea of lining up two Duos together but I want to have one of the outputs from the first one just go straight through without going through converters or anything…
Just an idea I have…

The true bypass connect inputs direct to outputs via relay. When the true bypass is active the signal does not go through any electronic circuit. It’s truly a true bypass.


Hello @ricardocrudo.

Looking into the audio flow chart at the MOD Wiki it´s easy to see the true bypass but how can we activate it?
Is that the purpose of the new “Hardware Bypass” plugin?

Can the connection on the following image be considered a true bypass?


Yes, that’s one way to activate it. The second option is to use the buttons “BYPASS 1” and “BYPASS 2” on the bottom bar, right side of “MIDI PORTS”.

No. That’s a logical bypass. This is, the signal is passing through the electronic circuits, CODEC, CPU.


Thanks @ricardocrudo.

I thought that the buttons of bypass 1 & 2 on the bottom bar was the same situation of a logical bypass as shown in the image I´ve uploaded.

Maybe changing the name of these buttons to “TRUE BYPASS 1” and “TRUE BYPASS 2” could clear things up, also the MOD Wiki has no clear info on this subject.

Thanks for your support!


I should clarify my question…

In true bypass… does the input accept a balanced signal and pass through as balanced?
Do the relays connect both Tip and Ring of a balanced plug? Or just Tip?

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Tip only.

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