Bass Band Board - MOD Devices


A first version of a fairly generic bass board for playing in a band - two overdrives, octave, phaser, envelope filter and reverb. All of the pedals need addressing to midi buttons on whatever controller you're using, and I'd advise replacing the compressor with the Calf MultiBand that's in the unstable section... Enjoy!

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This is great @solobasssteve thank you so much! I’m a guitar player who also owns a bass but I rarely practice with it with because I haven’t put time into setting stuff up for it. I’ve been hoping to see something like this - you just saved me a bunch of time / research. I’ll be using it both to explore tones I like and for looping bass lines while playing.

you’re so welcome, @unbracketed - I’ll be interested to see what modifications you make to it to make it work best for you. It’s pretty trebly right now, so you may want to re-EQ it, or even add another level of EQ in there (the Calf Parametric is really good, though unstable so I couldn’t include it :slight_smile: )