Batch of August

Hello !

We’re the 10th of July ! The sun shines, children have their holidays… And it’s one month until the batch of August ships… or not ? I just wanted to know if that batch would ship in time ? Thaaanks ! :smile:

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Good question. I’ll start posting on this board more once I’ve got my precious… :slight_smile:

Yes, great question! Any answer? :wink:

Guys, in case you didn’t notice shipping of this batch has already started… a few people have already received theirs.

Oh, really ? If so, that’s great. I didn’t notice at all. Hope I’ll get mine soon then :blush:

Yes, I had no idea either. Thanks for letting us know! Will tracking info be provided, or will it just show up?

Either way, I’m excited!

I hope to get it soon! My dhl tracking still says the package has been registered but not shipped yet…

I don’t even have a DHL tracking :disappointed_relieved:

Hi everyone

Sorry for the small confusion as the times are overlapping.

the shipping we already have arranged is from the last Kickstarter batch to be shipped.

The people who bought the Duo after April/2016 will have their shipping kicked of after Mid. August. Producton is still ongoing.

Kickstarter backers and pre-April buyers already have a shipping label and will receive it in the following days.


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Any news? Still no DUO and no shipping number… I’m a kickstarter backer (batch 4 I believe)

Yours will ship this week @alessandro :slight_smile:

YAY! The wait is (almost) over!

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And for those who bought it in early april ? 'cause yes, we’re the 10th, finally !

My tracking number still says there is no package in the hands of DHL…