Black week plugin offer also for device owners?

Hi! I see that you are offering 50 euro credit in the plugin store. Is this only for fresh dwarf buyers or also for Mod Duo owners/Dwarf Backers 3 tie patiently waiting?

Hi @Imaginus

Sure. We are already offering 50€ as credit for Tier 2 and Tier 3. This was part of the offers when we made the survey back in June.



I actually had just bought 2 plugins the day before the promo, then realized this is to entice potential new device owners instead.

I’m ok, will enjoy these either way. Lets go MOD!

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Great! How do I go about it? Do I order as normal through the and get the money back or is there some other way? This is probably written in detail somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it.
Please enlighten me.

You just place your order and after we will send you an email with the coupon code.

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I’m curious too.

I’m a tier 3 backer, too.

How do I know how much credit do I have available? How can I redeem it?

As we stated on the survey with the options for the shipment windows, you will have certain plugins for free - those we will provide the licenses for your device and you don’t need to do anything. The coupons we will create them and send it to you.

So for Tier3 backers, we don’t need to act on the Black Friday sale, rather you will send us coupons when you deliver the Dwarfs (I suppose), is this correct?

Yes. It’s exactly that.

What if I am already a mod device owner, and a tier backer 3 patiently waiting for the Dwarf. How can I use my coupon/credit now?

The Black Friday and the special offers for the waiting time for the MOD Dwarf crowdfunding are separate things.
Anyway, if you are already a MOD user waiting for your MOD Dwarf we can gladly provide you already your coupon related with the option for shipments that you selected (again, this nothing has to do with the Black Friday promotion that was running for any device bought from us or from any retailer)