Bluetooth connection - Pedalboard screen


I got a new 4.0 bluetooth dongle and it works with the Mod.

Ping times vary from 8ms - 20ms in both directions.

Creating pedalboards works perfectly, a little slower than with usb but it is useable and I don’t get the usb noise on the audio now.

Unfortunately it all goes wrong in the pedalboard screen, the graphics draw very slowly, then after a while it disconnects.

If I am running a ping at the same time it gradually builds up to 8000ms before it all fails.

Is there a way of getting the pedalboards listed as just text?

Strangely the Banks page works fine, no problems, graphics are all there.



I got the same issue sometimes, there’s potential fix coming in v1.3 for this.

I’ve backported the fix into the v1.2 series, do you mind trying it out?
Here’s the download file:

It’s the same as v1.2.0 with a fix for another issue found by a user in the forums.
If this works for you we’ll make v1.2.1.

EDIT: in case you need help updating.

  1. Turn on your MOD
  2. Let it boot until you see “Knob 1” etc.
  3. Press and hold the left knob until a menu appears in the display
  4. Turn the knob in order to select “System Upgrade”
  5. Select ‘YES’ and while holding the left footswitch click on the knob
  6. Let go of the footswitch and knob and wait
  7. The MOD will now enter restore mode. Please wait.
  8. Connect the MOD to your PC if not done yet and wait for a new mass storage drive to appear
  9. Copy the modduo.tar file onto the new drive and use your OS option to safely remove the drive
  10. Remove the usb cable

Then wait while the MOD updates itself.

Nice one, thanks for this.

Will update tomorrow and let you know how it goes…


The pedalboard screen is now not disconnecting so the fix works.

It is still pretty slow loading the graphics but works perfectly for selecting pedalboards even though the graphics are not yet loaded.

Thanks very much for this


Thanks for the testing, I guess we should prepare a v1.2.1 release…