Bluetooth dongle problem

I have a Mod Duo, system V1.10.1. When I try to connect via Bluetooth it says Status: Unavailable. This happens with the first Bluetooth dongle I had, an ASUS and with a new one that I just purchased from Hideez. The new one is Bluetooth 4 capable. The ASUS used to work, although it was difficult some times to pair it with my iMac.

How can I get my Mod Duo to recognize the Bluetooth dongle?

Witch OS are you using on the host computer?

Mac OS 10.15.7

In another thread, falk mentioned that not all bluetooth dongles are supported with the platform yet due to a firmware issue, and perhaps a list of approved usb dongles need to be compiled.

This is the one I personally use with my iPad and haven’t had any issue.

It’s possible that your dongle isn’t compatible.

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Thanks for the info. In my case a dongle that used to work stopped working so I’m trying to understand why that would happen.

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Yeah that is a bit weird, I posted before I fully comprehended the issue you were experiencing and I apologize for that.

Hopefully one of the devs can assist you fully

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Did you update from old kernel to new kernel at some point? Or your unit is one of the new ones with mmc instead of nand? (if you do not know, we can safely assume yes to the 2nd question)

I can do a special build with all possible bluetooth drivers enabled, it was done for dwarf without any visible side effects, so should be safe on Duo too.


My duo is nand I think.

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I don’t know what that entails on your end but it would be great if I could use the bluetooth function again. I’m not sure why it stopped working but I don’t think it’s either of the 2 bluetooth dongles I have. The first one is an AZIO and I recently bought a Hideez (bluethooth 4.0).

Check here how you can understand if you have a Nand or MMC Duo.
Being sure of that will make it easier for us to help you out.

Nothing really stops from adding these, I just got sidetracked and forgot about it :frowning:
Sorry about that, I added some notes to myself now, will add these in for the 1.11 RC1.


Mine is definitely NAND.

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