Bluetooth headphones?

Can I use the mod with Bluetooth headphones?

If you are a developer you could probably get a solution using bluez-alsa, but AFAIK there’s nothing setup for this right now.

I don’t think the latency of bluetooth audio (2s or more) would make it usable…

People tend to have forgotten about them, but FM transmitters can still prove useful in some circumstances these days…


i’m gonna bump this old topic, and ask if there’s currently any way to get bluetooth audio output on either the Duo or the Duo X… excessive latency wouldn’t be a problem in my application.

Unless you find a complete solution that you can build yourself, the answer is no.

bluez-alsa is kinda dead last time I checked, only pulseaudio can handle bluetooth audio properly in Linux at the moment I believe.

If there is something standalone that can push audio to bluetooth, please link me to it and I will turn that into a plugin.

Different solution… Would something like this work?:

I have one, it’s class compliant, works on Linux and also works as a JACK device… Not sure how extensible the MOD mainboard is to an outside Audio device though… :thinking:

I do know the the hardware is supported on Linux, I use it to send Ardour to my BT Speakers…


Were you able to make this work on mod?

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What version were they on when you last checked in?

They seem to be on 3.10 and as of a few hours ago, they are discussing the next update 4.0.

Maybe they’ve made some progress?

I personally wouldn’t use this feature in my set up, but the utility would be awesome!

i would like to also know if it worked…

have anybody tested with dwarf already?