Bluetooth Midi

Interested to hear about experiences with Bluetooth MIDI devices. I just received my Dwarf and connected it to a CME WIDI Jack. After teething troubles I switched the Jack to TRS Type A and it worked very well. I’m keen to try the USB version, Uhost, which is coming soon. With either of these devices this could become my MIDI hub, but will see how that plays out in use.

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I personally use one CME WIDI with the MOD Dwarf.
To be honest I don’t really love the WIDI…the USB port being power only and not also MIDI in/out for me it’s a bit of a waste, but they may have their reasons and I will not question them.

Maybe this is actually the reason. I didn’t know about it (and thanks for the info). Honestly, I would put both WIDI Jack and WIDI host on a single device.

On the Dwarf side of things, I feel that there’s not much to add. You plug and it works just like any other MIDI device.

Good suggestion on combining devices, I sense they’re on a product development journey, so maybe this will come. Uhost should be a little slicker, but it’s not too bad using the TRS jacks, since midi out powers the widi jack as well. The jack is designed for use with full din or TRS midi, and the usb is only there to cater for midi devices that don’t supply power to midi out.

I’m interested to explore the midi workflow options in the dwarf - I’ve not had a look at those pedalboard modules yet.

A little heads up on this! I got also tricked on that.
The WIDI doesn’t use what seems to be the standard TRS cable, like the Dwarf. Normally the implementation is with a 3.5mm TRS and the WIDI uses a 2.5mm.

On this one is the common stuff, plus modify some messages (like converting Note messages into CC, etc.). I suggest you to explore as well the CV plugins inside the platform :wink:

Thanks will explore!

I’ll report back after I receive the Uhost, I suspect it will just be a more elegant solution. Looking at the dwarf now, the USB A WIDI Bud Pro would be even slicker but I didn’t think of that when I placed my order!

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Welcome to the forum, @suitsus.

Any midi device with a USB class compliant port should work with the Mod. Please note the emphasis: not all devices that output midi are fully class compliant and that requires special drivers. Boss/Roland users know that all too well.

Anything Novation I have plugged in was instantly recognized and worked quite well (minus obviously the Automap function.)

For more information on class compliant midi, see this article.