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Interested to hear about experiences with Bluetooth MIDI devices. I just received my Dwarf and connected it to a CME WIDI Jack. After teething troubles I switched the Jack to TRS Type A and it worked very well. I’m keen to try the USB version, Uhost, which is coming soon. With either of these devices this could become my MIDI hub, but will see how that plays out in use.

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I personally use one CME WIDI with the MOD Dwarf.
To be honest I don’t really love the WIDI…the USB port being power only and not also MIDI in/out for me it’s a bit of a waste, but they may have their reasons and I will not question them.

Maybe this is actually the reason. I didn’t know about it (and thanks for the info). Honestly, I would put both WIDI Jack and WIDI host on a single device.

On the Dwarf side of things, I feel that there’s not much to add. You plug and it works just like any other MIDI device.

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Good suggestion on combining devices, I sense they’re on a product development journey, so maybe this will come. Uhost should be a little slicker, but it’s not too bad using the TRS jacks, since midi out powers the widi jack as well. The jack is designed for use with full din or TRS midi, and the usb is only there to cater for midi devices that don’t supply power to midi out.

I’m interested to explore the midi workflow options in the dwarf - I’ve not had a look at those pedalboard modules yet.

A little heads up on this! I got also tricked on that.
The WIDI doesn’t use what seems to be the standard TRS cable, like the Dwarf. Normally the implementation is with a 3.5mm TRS and the WIDI uses a 2.5mm.

On this one is the common stuff, plus modify some messages (like converting Note messages into CC, etc.). I suggest you to explore as well the CV plugins inside the platform :wink:

Thanks will explore!

I’ll report back after I receive the Uhost, I suspect it will just be a more elegant solution. Looking at the dwarf now, the USB A WIDI Bud Pro would be even slicker but I didn’t think of that when I placed my order!

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Welcome to the forum, @suitsus.

Any midi device with a USB class compliant port should work with the Mod. Please note the emphasis: not all devices that output midi are fully class compliant and that requires special drivers. Boss/Roland users know that all too well.

Anything Novation I have plugged in was instantly recognized and worked quite well (minus obviously the Automap function.)

For more information on class compliant midi, see this article.


Sorry for pump.
Has anyone already tried the CME WIDI Bud Pro Premium Bluetooth 5.0 MIDI USB dongle and can write about his experiences?

My IPad setlist programme can send MIDI PGR change and CC commands via Bluetooth. This would allow me to call up the corresponding sound or snapshot as soon as I call up a song.

I have a WIDI Master and a WIDI Jack. I guess that the only difference for this one is that you use it via USB connection and not DIN or TRS MIDI. It works fine.
I guess that WIDI Bud can be connected directly to the USB port A of a MOD device and work immediately. As long as it is USB class compliant it should work this way.

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Thanks for reply
This seems like a competent information that deserves to risk the € 58,-. :smiley:


As I stated somewhere else here in the forum, I’m not fully happy with the WIDI jack. I feel that there’s a bit of a waste of resources there that maybe is justified by the fact that they wanted to split things into multiple products (and although I personally don’t love that, I respect the decision).
I have fewer complaints about the WIDI Master, but I guess that is simply because I got it after so I was more aware of what to expect. Otherwise, only the design is different and the connections kind of make more sense - simply because you don’t have any almost useless connection.
My biggest point of frustration with the WIDI Jack is that it has a USB port that only serves to power the device…for me, this is a huge waste, it could be used also to transmit and receive MIDI over USB. But that would kill the need for other of their products like the WIDI Bud.
Quickly checking the features, I think on this “game” the WIDI Bud plays more in the side of the WIDI Master than the WIDI Jack - it doesn’t seem to have almost useless ports.
Yet, a bit as a side thing, I can’t understand the point of advertising it as “MIDI USB Dongle for Windows, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, iOS & Android”…as far as I know, most of these devices can support Bluetooth MIDI on the system (Bluetooth MIDI was actually somehow developed, or at least put in place by Apple on the MacBooks, iPads and iPhones first), so a device like this brings absolutely nothing into these systems…maybe Windows. The last time that I tried it there you needed some workarounds and could only connect one device.
Please note that I’m taking my “MOD hat” off on these comments and I’m only using my “WIDI user” one. I can easily understand it all if I look into the business perspective, regardless of personally agreeing with it.


Well, I got a MIDI Jack expressely because I haven’t been able to enable Bluetooth MIDI on my Linux Laptop. Now it works perfectly.


I am a little confused about the device designations.
I would plug the CME WIDI Bud Pro Premium into USB port A on the Dwarf. The MIDI signal comes from the iPad via Bluetooth.
In this respect, the iPad allows me to configure Channel No. Prg-changes and CC-commands when calling up the song in the set list.
I have a similar configuration with my Kemper, which has 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT sockets.
Here I use the Yamaha MDBT01 Bluetooth MIDI adapter.
It seems to be similar as the WIDI-Master.

With the CME WIDI Master, I wouldn’t know how to plug it in.
WIDI Jack is also unclear to me how I could integrate it.
The Dwarf and also the iPad has no 5-pin MIDI in/out sockets.

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Hey Sharry,

So I have 4 widi jacks in my studio. Currently 0 of them are being used, as I rely on my RK-006 for my midi splits.

That being said, a couple of things I found out the hard way.

Do not buy the widi master for the dwarf. It works for the MDX due to the DIN Midi, but you’ll want widi jacks (you can assign a master unit and up to 4 low income indentured servants) due to being able to choose your connections (DIN 5, DIN 6, TRS 3.5mm, and TRS 6.3mm)

If you are using more than 2 widijacks in your set up, the pairing becomes a massive chore.

The cables for the widi jack are 2.5mm to 3.5mm, so you’ll need to purchase the cables with the pack, or find cables to use.

The Dwarf does not supply power through the midi jacks, at least not on my model. Which means you’ll need to run a power cable to the widijack, or use the USB-A port on the dwarf itself.

In my case, it was less of a cable fustercluck on my desk by returning to a regular TRS cable.

However, there are positives to the widijack if you’re using an iPad like myself.

You’ll unfortunately need 2 apps on iPad to connect the jacks up.

Once you do though, bluetoothing midi from apps on the iPad is a very painless process.

Do I recommend WidiJacks to people? No. They are cumbersome if your set up is larger than 2 devices.

Do I think they are powerful devices for simple midi connections? 100%

It largely will depend on your needs, and the complexity of midi routing in your set up.

Looks like that bud might be a decent solution for your setup, but seeing as I rely on a Bluetooth dongle for my MDX, I am kinda SOL on the solution you are seeking.

I would be very interested in hearing the results if you test it out.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a simple application.
I am a guitarist and just want to transmit MIDI signals at the beginning of a song during a live performance. Stepdancing to call up a new sound is not very comfortable with the dwarf.
For small gigs, I want to play with the Dwarf instead of the Kemper.
It’s a DUO project where I connect the guitar and a microphone to the Dwarf and cable the signal directly to the PA system.
My fellow musician is an accordion player who also sings.
As it looks now, I only need one pedal port with a few snapshots.
Apart from the PA system, everything fits in the guitar gig bag.(My old spine will thank me).

It just needs the iPad with a setlist app that can send MIDI signals via bluetooth.
No other bluetooth device is needed for my rig.

I have already ordered the WIDI Bud and will report how it goes.


Thanks for the reply!

I’ll be honest and say I think you’re in the right track, this device should be able to handle your needs no problem, provided the dwarf reacts accordingly.

Keep this updated with your experiences please!

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Well, tomorrow the WIDI Bud will be delivered.
So far I have not been able to find much about which prg-change I have to send to the Dwarf to call a specific peald board and which command (I assume CC ?) to call a specific snap shot.
I suspect that besides MIDI-channel, I even have to call a chain first to select a bank and then a snapshot?
I find the documentation on this is very poor as far as I have found it so far.
In the WIKI there is only a qualitative answer but no detail of the real commands.
It would already help me if I knew the command for chain call, bank call and snapshot call. CC’s are not completely standardised - many are device-specific.
Is there a chance to get this Information here?

Fair. That’s exactly where I didn’t try it :grin: I tried everywhere else (MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android)

It is. Yet a bit cheaper and smaller.

I think this would work perfectly. Basically, the WIDI Bud will allow your MOD Dwarf to send and receive Bluetooth MIDI messages.

You would need a type A TRS to DIN MIDI cable/adapter.

With this one you don’t need the adapter, but the WIDI Jack has 2.5mm TRS ports and not 3.5mm (what seems to be the standard and the MOD Dwarf has), so you need a cable with one side 2.5mm and another 3.5mm. If you go for this solution I can point you a cable :wink: By the way…this is another thing that pisses me off with the WIDI Jack. And I guess that this is only for them to sell their cables and adapters.

You do it with Program Change messages and you decide which one. Just make sure that it is the same range as some devices and software count from 0 to 15 and the Dwarf listens on the 1 to 16.
This page is still a work in progress and I hope in the next few days to make it fully available, but you can check how to do it here.

You are absolutely right. We have been a bit behind on the documentation and the updates at some point made the work that was already done outdated. I’m planning to take a day or two to really go over all the wiki and update everything that I can see wrong or innacurate.

The WIDI-BUD has already arrived today.
Well, with trial and error, a preliminary result yet to be verified can be discerned.
Pairing worked immediately.
In the MIDI settings of the Dwarf you have to enter different MIDI channels for bank changes and snapshots changes.
I have set channel 2 for pedalboard prg-changes and channel 3 for snapshot prg-changes.
Snapshot changes via channel 3 can be detected.
Both commands in succession (time interval 50ms) are not yet successful.
Maybe I have to choose a longer time interval.

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That’s quite likely.

I doubt that shapshot changes are possible before a pedalboad is fully loaded, and I’d say it takes 100/200ms at least for that.

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