Bollie Delay doesn't emit sound when synced to host


The Bollie Delay has an option for syncing the time to an external MIDI clock. But when this option is activated, no sound is emitted. I’m testing on MODEP so there’s a chance that this is working fine on a Mod Device.

How to reproduce

  1. Connect an arbitrary audio source to the system.
  2. Connect an external source for MIDI clock to the system.
  3. Create a Bollie Delay instance and connect pass the audio through it.
  4. Select the MOD/Host for Tempo Mode.
  5. Hear that no audio is emitted.

Expected/suggested solution

There should be audio emitted which is delayed in sync of the MIDI clock.

Additional information

I can’t try it on the Mod X yet since I’m still waiting for the delivery.

Hi @Klaustrophil, it sounds like MODEP is using an older version of the Bollie Delay. This was an issue that has been solved in the newest version of the plugin. The previous version clears the delay buffer when the tempo is changed. Due to the fact that a MIDI clock is has a lot of small tempo fluctuations, the buffer is getting cleared constantly, this results in having no sound. The newer version of the Bollie Delay does work well with an external MIDI clock.

Oh ok I see. Is this change somewhere in the repositories? I wanted to ensure that there were no obvious changes which were missing in the MODEP distribution before reporting this but it looked fine.

Anyway, thanks for clearing this up.

Here is the change that I was referring to:

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Argh I wasn’t paying attention to the branches…