Another recording in a full linux setup!

It’s available on (SoundCloud/YouTube/Spotify, and more) via the link below:

The setup is:

Linux Mint 19 xfce , Reaper Daw, Mod Duo, Uhe Hive Synths, Ibanez semi-hollow body guitar.
Just check it out.

Feedback always welcome.
I did the artwork myself too with Inkscape :slight_smile:

Btw, as ModDuo is open source, I suppose there are some linux musicians out here?
I’m currently creating a spotify and soundcloud playlist. Get in touch if you want to get your music exposed to a wider audience, then I can add yours:


Another recording I did where I used the Mod Duo!
It consists of two different parts/genres of music.
In the second half, the guitar comes in and all effects are produced by the Mod Duo