Build 2031

New build!

Quick rough list of changes:

  • stereo link is now “gain 1+2”
  • activate mod-noise-removal tool, like done on Duo and Duo X
  • file manager IR folders have been renamed
  • file manager now has create folder button
  • tweaked file manager delete action UI
  • small optimizations to initial web page load (fonts are loaded asynchronously and swapped)
  • fixes regarding momentary mode
  • fix missing led static/cycle color option in preset addressing
  • fix pedalboard screenshot generation with corrupted or unexpected data
  • add expand button to settings file list
  • fix pedalboard snapshots rename text highlight, also allow close rename with esc
  • fix snapshot name not cleared after loading “new” pedalboard
  • fix issues surrounding tempo changes when bpm/bpb/play is addressed to a device actuator
  • yet more fixes regarding new plugin features (as used in audiofile and notes plugins)

your dwarf will feel more warm starting with this update, but this is expected.
we did temperature measurements to ensure that it stayed below vendor recommended limits.

PS: 1 last bug to fix on Duo X, 2 on Duo. Trying to push 1.10-RC1 for them next week.

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Thanks, installed and works nicely!

I like the gain 1+2 setting!

It seems that the amount of clicking I hear has been drastically removed. Was that the “mod-noise-removal” tools doing?

I still seem to get some clicking. But that happens on the headphone output even when the headphone gain is set to 0. So I barely hear the inputs but very rarely there is come clicking which is much louder than the sound coming from the actual inputs.

Definitely more stable on Dwarf and my plug in settings aren’t reverting so far. Good deal. Quieter too.

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That is likely. We are keeping the CPU and RAM busy at all times now (but in the lowest priority possible, as to not interfere with anything) so there is less noise regarding electric circuitry.

some quick checking… if you remove all plugins and all connections from the pedalboard, does this still occur?

Okay, great to hear that the clicking was addressed.

As embarrassing as it may sound, but is seems that the remaining click is actually coming from my headphones. Some mechanical noise when I move my head. They are 20 years old but still great. But when you are really listening for clicks then you suddenly hear that :grinning:

Add I can confirm that the temperature went up. It is at 70 degrees celsius right now with the Shiroverb. Previously it was more at 50-55 degrees.


I do have a problem now. Not 100% sure if it is new, but I never had it before. So I think it is new.

Basically after a while (> 1 hour?) the audio output of the Dwarf stopped. Input LEDs still showed a signal coming in and changed due to sound level. The onboard UI worked fine. I was able to reproduce this twice. To debug this I changed the pedal boards and played around with the various gains, but that did not help. In one case I just rebooted the Dwarf, that fixed the problem. The second time I connected the USB port to the computer and loaded web UI and that immediately brought it to life again.

I have an idea, I know a possible cause for this, but it is not good…

Do you keep an eye on the temperature? If it goes to 84C or above, it kills the audio as precaution to avoid damage.
The noise-removal tool automatically stops at 75C as precaution, so this is very unlikely to happen. But it sounds exactly like what you describe, so I am suspicious of this.

Could well be! I just checked and the temperature was at 82 degrees. And I had some clicks again.
But the temperature display actually fluctuates quite quickly, so not sure how much I can trust it.

Is there something about that in any log file I could check? I check /var/log but there is nothing there.

The temperature only updates every 5s, so it is normal to fluctuate a lot. I think we are in the situation that the noise-removal tool stops and starts again all the time.

If you run dmesg there should be a bunch of start stops.

Let’s try something quick, reducing the time spent sleeping before checking temperature again.

mount / -o remount,rw
nano /sbin/cpu-freq-manager
# navigate to the end, and replace sleep 5 with sleep 1. save + close
hmi-reset; sync; reboot

Spot on. It starts and stops the noise removal now every second.

ok so that unit is warming up more than it should.

thermals is not my thing, so now I need to let someone else from the team take over.

as a workaround for now, you can edit that file and reduce the temperature definition at the top, so the noise-removal thing stops early. at the cost of some noise yes

Okay, thanks, will do that. I am off now but will see what the Berlin office has to say when they come to the office. Thanks a lot for the fast reply!