Bundled Plugins with Pre-order purchase

There were some K devices plugs that were free for Pre orders, Does any one know how to obtain them?

Hello @dsorce,
do you mean Wov by K-Devices?
This is the only plugin as far as I know that’s available from them at the moment.

Normally you would purchase plugins via the plugin store icon from your mod duo / mod duo X web user interface. Please have a look at this part from the wiki.

If you purchased plugins with your mod duo / mod duo X it is a good idea to contact the Moddevices headquarters in Berlin via their support mail address or @Leo_Germani who is in charge of the plugin shop.

Hope that helps.
Greetings and God bless, Marius

Ok great thanks mj!

Please let me know your last 3 digits of the serial number and I will take a look at this.
It is possible a few units dont have the licenses. We were preparing new software releases while handling shipping of the units at the same time, sorry for the inconvenience.
I am going to take a look at this now, so perhaps just refreshing the browser (with the MOD web interface open) in a few hours could be enough to “fix” this…


I can’t remember what was bundled, is there documentation somewhere?

The serial 162 has the plugins registered now. (since 2 days ago when I wrote that post)

There is no documentation, but this was mentioned in the launch campaign and in some emails I believe.
Basically, all Duo X users get these 2 plugins for “free”:

I do not know if it will be same with the next units. pinging @gianfranco :slight_smile:


I got them thanks friends!