Buying plug-ins on more than one Mod

I own two mod duos.
If I buy a plug-in in the store on one of them, can I also use the plug-in on my second mod?


This is a good point…
I have two Duos as well and I’m sure I’m going to want those items I bought to be available on the other one.

For this to work, I imagine it would need some type of user identification which can be removed for when you sell it. There is a lot to think about to make this work… and I’m guessing that people with mutiple duos is in the minority…

I’m interested to hear input from the MOD team on this.

Right now we unfortunately don’t support this scenario. @Skydiver is right, we’re missing a user identification process attached to the devices. We do have plans to add it in the future in which case will be easy to support this.

The licenses belong to a user but are currently attached to a particular device.
In case you buy a new device we do have a (manual) process to transfer your license from one device to the next.

I can’t really say when we’ll be able to have some sort of “MOD login” but I can say it’s been discussed already internally and it is in our roadmap for sure.