Calf plug-ins

Been experimenting with a few of the Calf plug-ins today - so much goodness there! Here are the ones that I’ve used that seem to be stable, and I’d love to see fast-tracked to the stable published store:

Bass Enhancer, Delay, Multiband Limiter (this is AMAZING - super-lightweight in terms of processing power, and does an amazing job of protecting the outputs just in its default position - put it across the stereo outs just before the master volume control. All it needs is a skin, and it needs to be published! It’s an amazing addition to the collection), Calf Pulsator, Calf Reverb (needs a skin).

I tried the Saturator too, but need to play with it more - it feels a little processor-heavy at the moment, perhaps?

Anyway, these are excellent additions to the plug-in collection. Will list the Rakarrak ones I’ve been playing with next, once I do stability tests on them :slight_smile:


loving the Equalizer too, though the visualiser doesn’t work :slight_smile:

can someone PLEASE do a skin for the Calf Multiband Limiter - I’m using it on everything now last in the chain before the volume (though it would probably make even more sense to put it after), it’s the best possible protection against overloading the outputs, and I’d love to be able to upload the pedalboards that have it on :slight_smile:

Using a lot of the Calf plug-ins, hopefully they’ll end up in Stable soon…


I got rid of my last volume in the chain and assigned the output gain of the limiter to a knob. One less plugin…

But I do like the mute function on the mini-gain…

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If we could revitalise existing efforts to document what it actually takes to make a skin, that might be a good first step towards building more community momentum on this kind of work.