Can't redeploy plugin


I’m working on a new plugin, and I’m having trouble redeploying new versions to my mod duo. I’ve successfully loaded it onto the Duo through the mod sdk development server. When I go through the steps, and click Deploy via webserver, it comes up with Effect installed. Great! However, the Mod duo still sees the old version…

Actually, it sees the new code, but not any changes I may have made to parameters and ports. Am I missing a step to get this updated? I’ve tried bumping the plugin version and rebooting the Duo.

I did manage to get it to update once by changing the url of the plugin. It seems like there’s a level of caching going on somewhere that I can’t invalidate properly.
Any ideas?

Clear the browser cache and try again.
Someone made a very similar question very recently by the way

Ah, thanks very much! Browser caching didn’t occur to me.