Capo Plugin with a Bass Guitar

Hello all !

I am a bass player and I am trying to use of the “Capo” plugin with my Mod Duo.

The problem is that any notes below “D” progressively have some kind of “wobble” in the sound that gets worse the lower you get in the notes.

This wobble sounds like if the original note is played microseconds apart of the modified note.

Is this because the current Capo plugin is designed for guitars and a new version of the plugin should be adapted to bass or is it that low frequencies are simply more difficult to deal with?

Which “D” are you talking about? The highest open string on a standard tuned basss?

Not really. It also works for bass. Maybe you are setting up something wrongly.

The open D string on a 4 strings bass.

I’ll try to make a recording to let you hear what I’m talking about.

Here’s the first audio sample:

G D A E played standard open strings

And then:

G D A E Same open strings played with Capo plugin 2 steps up

Have you experimented with different fidelity settings?

My recording was made with the “hi-fidelity” setting in the Capo plugin. Anything else was be even worse.

Do you have well set gain stage?
In simple words, are you getting yellowish LEDs on the input when you play the loudest?