Cc-arduino-lib in platformio?

Has anybody used Platformio for building projects based on the Arduino IDE?
I am currently trying to get the button example to work, but tying in the libraries seems not really straightforward, so I thought I’d ask :wink:


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Are you trying to develop a Control Chain controller using the MOD Arduino Shield?

I have used Platformio and I’d say this would be quite convenient to have support for.

The ControlChain shield is here collecting dust and haven’t played with it yet. Hopefully I’ll get around to it this year :wink:

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There’s no support (actually I use a lot Arduino and never heard about Platformio). Anyway, there are some plans to improve/update the Control Chain library, so this may be a nice topic for the list :wink:

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Related to the improvement list, would be possible to use the control chain over USB/Serial instead only by Ethernet Cable? This would be an alternative to implement an equipment controller without the Control Chain USB shield, enabling the use of others embedded equipment.


Platformio is quite handy when you are dealing with multiple frameworks and hardware platforms (as most of us tinkerers do nowadays).
They got “environment” definitions for different targets and/or architectures, so you can build projects targeted to several architectures, but all running on on the same framework with same code, for example.
The dependency manager is also quite capable, and the projects are generated in a VCS-friendly way.
tl;dr: If you do not know it, you should give it a spin :wink:

Small single-platform project of mine, just for reference:


What do you mean “USB shield”?

While it maybe “could” be possible to implement some sort of control chain device spec over usb, nobody is going to implement this so not very realistic (realize how small the MOD dev team is right now).

One would then still have to implement such a device spec on to a usb-device capable microcontroller as well, something that would not be easily portable etc. One point is also of Control-Chain is that it is a chain something you can’t do with USB devices like this … I see more issues caused by such an endeavor than it solves to be honest.

One can implement Control-Chain without the “official shield” of course, it’s just there for convenience for us lazy tinkerers :stuck_out_tongue:

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the spec is just bytes over a serial line, usb can do that just fine. in fact it has already been done before


ok but I assume that a usb device class needs to be defined to even see such a usb connected “control chain” device, then.

and such a device class needs to be implemented on an mcu capable of usb-host (teensy or something) and possibly ported to other devices.

all activities that I’d think are unlikely we’ll see in the short term, at least

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it is a serial line, nothing like that is needed at all. the device identification, probing, assignment, everything is through that same serial line.
when control chain is started, it requires to have an active serial line.


I wrote wrong! I’m sorry. The correct is without the Control Chain shield

For more clarification, the idea is similar to use a MIDI controller over USB, but I would be use the Control Chain protocol instead of MIDI, because it’s more powerful in the MOD ecosystem.

I was hopeful that it’s already partially implemented. When I saw the opportunity to add an element in the infinite MOD TODO list, I did, :sweat_smile:

Thanks @falkTX. I have a piece of experience about of the communication over serial, because I already implemented a lib to communicate with the mod-host (PluginsManager).

But I don’t have experience about the USB… how a mod equipment know when a new device is connected, like the MIDI device? I’m thinking about creating a python process that will observe new USB connections and make the bridge between my USB device and the control chain socket port.

Do I need to connect to /tmp/control-chain.sock, right?

Maybe my idea is a workaround…


just use a usb to serial converter cable thing, that is the easiest to get started.


Indeed! Nowadays I use the Arduino IDE, but almost rarely do I’m actually programming an Arduino (and I’m not only talking about replicas). I will take a look at it. Thanks for the knowledge drop :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting!

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