CC value toggle with one switch

Is there a way to set the min and max value of a CC and assign it to the Dwarf’s B or C switches to toggle between the two values? At the moment if I go to the assign option of the CC value I can only assign it to the Dwarf’s endless knobs

Maybe with the CV control plugin?

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My recommendation is to use a Midi controller pedal for that. I use a very small one in those days, the Jet MCX (sometimes also the Morningstar MC3 if I need more functionality). The reason is exactly what you wrote: I want to toggle things. I don’t think that it is easy to map this on the foot controller of the Dwarf. To use a Midi controller provides you much more flexibility and you will have tons of new ideas, how to use it.
In the Jet Pedal it is a sinple “PressNRelease” command. By pressing the footswitch it sendes one #CC, by releasing it it sends another.


I solved the problem by linking the CC value knob to the “CONTROL TO CV” module (In this way I can toggle between the min and max value of the knob). Then I assigned the on/off switch of the “CONTROL TO CV” module to one of the Dwarf’s footswitchers and that’s it!


Well… it’s like always… anything goes with the Dwarf, and in many different ways too. So far I’ve managed to do everything I wanted, even if it was complex midi constructions with other pedals. The Dwarf can somehow do everything. You just have to find a way… and you did it! Congrats!