Change Background?

I was just thinking it would be neat to be able to change the background of the pedalboard on the GUI.

It would be useful to have a different background if a user has multiple Duos…

I currently have two Duos and I connect to one using USB and the other one in a new browser window using Bluetooth. It would be nice to be able to tell the two apart a little easier by having a different background…
Is there a way to do this? Even if it’s just a solid color?

Thanks for listening.


You could adapt the css through the chrome developer console, and check the persistent changes box.

Since the USB and Bluetooth MODs each use different IP addresses, this will allow you to change the background for each.

If you need some help, let us know!


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No way to do this yet, as we don’t have (proper) ways to put random files into the MOD.
(jesse’s tip is bit advanced…)

Another thing to consider when we add the advanced/settings panel I guess.


For now I will live with it.

Another suggestion is to have a text line somewhere that I can name the units…

What would I name them? Calvin and Hobbs? Sonny and Cher? Yin and Yang? :smile:

U1 and U2?

Boooooring… :rolling_eyes:

Haha! :grinning:

U2 would have to have all your delays and they’d have to always be set to a dotted eighth