Chorus Ensemble effect

Hi there.
I´m very new to these forums so please redirect me if i have posted this the wrong place.

I was wondering if there are any plugins for the Mod x or the forthcoming Mod Duo X which emulates the Chorus Ensemble effect found on various stringers and analogue synths?
I often use the Ensemble effect found in Logic X and have yet to find a plugin that does the same.
Would love suggestions and even more if it was to be found/made for the Mod Duo X.


It exists and sound well as a lv2 plugin.

I tried it some weeks ago on my computer, so because it’s a LV2 plugin, it should works on the Mod.

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Hi houston.
Fantastic find. Will definetly try it out once the pedal is done :slight_smile:
Even more excited for it now.

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Nice! Has some cool modelled noise in the BBD code.