Classic plugins

This might be a very basic thing, but i really feel like the Mod Duo is missing some classic plugins like tape delays and spring reverbs.
Maybe the demand isn´t for something that basic? Or is it down to the limitations of the hardware?

Is there a thread where i can put my plugin wishes?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @Mads-G,

First of all the search function in this forum and at the plugin store side of the mod UI is your friend.
I must admit some. plugin information could be updated or tagged with to be more user friendly.
Maybe someone else can recommend a good spring reverb…

Have you tried installing / showing beta plugins? There is a beta tape delay plugin named GxEchoCat that is a band delay and there is the GxMultiBandDelay (afaik not beta) you might want to try out.

Greetings and God bless,

Hi Marius.
Thanks for the suggestions, i will check them out :smile:
Hopefully someone will make a spring or convolution reverb in the future.

What I found with the plugins descriptions is that they often miss basic information for users like me that don’t necessarily know how to use this or that sort of pedal. I don’t own “physical” pedal and one of the many reasons I came to the Duo was to avoid starting buying a whole collection of them.

Therefore I did not necessarily know how to use the different controls of a given pedal or what a particular type of pedal does.

It could be nice if the community could create howtos for each every individual plugin.

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There is quite a few of those types of effect in the pedals available. I agree that the descriptions leave a lot to be desired. They are not particularly descriptive or imagination capturing lol. Quite basic.

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Sorry for self-promotion, but check out Floaty for tape delay sounds.


One of my favourites :wink: