[CLOSED] Help improve our pedalboard feed!

Dear community,

As you well know, we’re always looking to improve our users’ experience with the Duo and the MOD ecosystem.

One of our most important community features is the pedalboard feed, which allows pedalboard creation to be a social and collective activity, with users providing inspiration to one another.

We’d love to have your feedback on this functionality, in order to make it better suited to your actual needs.

If you’d like to help shape the next version of the pedalboard feed, please send us your feedback via the survey below.

With musical regards,



Is there a place in the forum where we could discuss a particular pedalboard, or how to best achieve a give tone ? For instance I really would like to be able to reproduce the different tones of Zappa’s Watermelon in Easter Hay. I’d be happy to discuss the matter with others.


Duly noted!

It’s already possible to discuss the pedalboards when you click on “View More” in the feed. But it’s still not especially visible imho.

We’re considering some solutions to foster discussions and also promote collaborative tone creation. I was thinking about something along the lines of “projects” with the possibility of forking them and adding stuff, etc…

We’ll see after we’ve compiled all the info form the survey and discussed it with the development team.

Forkable project repos would be awesome. But adding a category in the forum would be great too because people might want to initiate a discussion without having already created a pedalboard (which makes sense as a preliminary discussion might avoid starting in the wrong direction and allows to benefit straight away of other users’ experience)

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It’s not even very clear for new users where to find shared pedalboards… or how to share them.


Pedalboards that have audio samples are hugely more useful and interesting than those without. Could there be a way to filter out boards without previews?


hey @Zerocrossing indeed this needs to be more cleared and we should take a better look at pedalboards sharing. Anyway, for now, you can find them here and you can share here you can find some info about how to share them.

If you actually type “sample” on the searching bar you will have pedalboards with samples. But as I said before we need to put some thought on it, so your suggestion for a filter is pretty valid :wink:

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Is it possible to add categories to pedalboard posts? If there were clear indicators like #tube-amp, #EddieVanHalen, etc. that might be helpful?


We are considering for now to add one regarding the device where it was created. So Duo, DuoX and Dwarf

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Could it be possible to create a category for the most liked pedalboards? It would help the most useful/serious examples to be readily available for the other users as starting points for their own projects.

I really see this tool as a way to educate less proficient users on how to use their effects.
It would be also good that contributors discuss the fine adjustment of the different settings when they publish a pedalboard. For instance : how to obtain an “edge-of-breaking” sound, how to set the gain depending on your guitar’s pickups etc…

Also, producing pedalboards that emulate a particular tone from a particular song really helps people to learn by example. So maybe a category just for that would be cool, again with the possibility to “like”/“comment” pedalboards that really deliver.


I would say that all your suggestions are possible and really valid.
Now it all depends on a matter of how we structure it and if it really works. Somethings may also be a little bit subjective, like for instance: what is an “edge-of-breaking” sound? I get your point on this, but maybe we should tailor more educational content rather than subjective and taste based. In my personal opinion, I would rather go to a “how to get the guitar sound of X song chorus”.
But again, we still need to spend some time wondering about this. But I can promise that we are listening to all the suggestions :wink:

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I’m 100% for using songs as reference.

What I mean by “edge of breakup” is not so subjective I think though. It’s the setting when an Amp transitions from clean to distorted, where playing soft (or with guitar volume knob turned down) gets you a clean sound and where playing hard (or with volume on 10) gets a distorted sound, hence allowing you to transition from clean to dirty without touching the amp or any pedal, just by acting on the guitar itself.

That is quite an objective definition in my opinion. But of course, one could had a lot of subtlety to it.


Ah got it! Sorry :sweat_smile:
I was more thinking that you were talking about a “cool sound” with the expression.
My bad :slight_smile: What you are saying makes total sense.
Basically, I would say some well describe section for the pedalboards.