The CollisionDrive Overdrive/Distortion pedal is now in the beta stage in the testing store.

The distortion level could be set with the Attack control, turn it left for more distortion, turn it right for less.
The gate control set the level for the noise gate, turn it to the left to make it less aggressive.
The other controls should be self explained.


I haven’t fully tested it yet, but thanks for that!

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I’m glad to hear you like it.
There is now a updated UI available, which not only looks nicer, but provide a visual feedback for the gate.
PS: your last padelboard sounds damned nice.


I love this pedal! It sound very good in a wide variety of drive sounds.
I love it so much that I’ve made it dynamic!
Thanks for this plugin.


How nice is that. I give a plugin and get in turn a full Pedalboard. :smiley:
I’ve a lot of fun with the Dynamic Collision already, great use of the plug.


Tasty sound and playing! :+1:


Hi, I own the real precision drive pedal and this plugin here sounds really familiar and nice. However, using it on the DWARF, I noticed that the CPU load rises by approx. 10% when I turn the pedal on. I’m not sure if it’s related to my pedalboard setup but I have other drive plugins in the chain and turning them on and off has almost no effect on the CPU load.

Do you know how much the gate portion of the plugin impacts the CPU load? Would it be possible to make the gate switchable, thus being able to disable it completely? I actually never use the gate on this pedal so it would be really helpful if disabling the gate made the plugin less CPU heavy.


Hi, welcome @nanomod
Nice to hear that a comparison with the original don’t fail so badly.
The higher CPU usage of CollisionDrive comes from Oversampling. It runs intern on 96kHz.
I may disable the oversampling, but that could introduce some artefacts when using the pedal with heavy distortion settings. I’ll do some tests to checkout if we could use it without.


I think oversampling is what make this plugin sound so good.
Perhaps you could relaese two version one with oversampling and a other without .

Yesterday I saw you have release a stereo and mono recorder utility! I didn’t see it before and I didn’t see any discusion about it. How can it be possible to have this wonderfull utility and nobody thank you for that?
So I tell you : Thank you for your plugins. :pray:


Thank you @Julien
Nice to see that my work is appreciated.


Can you send a link to the recorder?

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There is no link. You will find it in utility pluginfolder. . Perhaps you should enable beta plugin to seenit, I don’t remember if it’s beta or not.

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Yes, it’s in the Beta store.
The original repository is here: