Compressor w blend control?

Is there any compressors w dry/wet mix controls,
a la Origin Effects Cali76 Compressor?

  • or a blend control a la tc electronic HyperGravity?

If not, any plans? :slight_smile:

You can always make your own blend control.
Just split the signal from our source… one going to the plugin and the other direct.

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Well it is a bit of an overkill - but I’ve used the Stereo X-Fade plugin for this

A mono version would be fine and I think it uses some resources for a simple dry / wet control - but so far it works.


Skydiver & brusch

I tried that several times, never quite made it work out; don’t know why… (I used the MOD Stereo Gain)
I use a tc hypergravity everyday, and it just works,
the blend control makes it very easy to find the perfect spot,
where the compressed “squeezed” attack is just masked by the dry attack.

I’ll try again…

…but I still think a blend control would be a nice addition to any good compressor… :slight_smile:

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