Connecting 3 MOD Devices, (Duo, DuoX, Dwarf) to a computer at the same time

Hi, Thinking ahead to a potential bottle neck with the inevitable launch of the Dwarf, are there any plans to increase the number of IP Addresses available so we can connect more devices via bluetooth or USB cable without manually changing them on the devices?

This is a technical issue more than anything.
Even when manually changing the IP address inside the unit (so it uses something like, we were still not able to make 2 devices work at the same time in the same PC :frowning:

I know more of networking than last I tried around 3 years ago, but still, it involves DNS which is quite tricky.
But we will try again soon.


Haha, if you have an open position for a remote Linux network engineer, hit me up :wink: This looks like a solveable problem.

I am not sure about what the solution will be, but I believe it is going to involve ZeroConf (well, the problem is with Windows PC then…)