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Well I’m still waiting on some components to arrive and I’m not recording anything until I can get my secondary set up finalized.

However, in the meantime, I tried my hand at a little sound demo.

I apologize in advance, I had my cans on and left my monitors on while recording, so there are a couple of points where my editing skills failed lmao

Hope you enjoy!


WOW! What a guide into your “Dwarf world”! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Hey, here is a video I made a while back and posted in a different thread. I think it might be a good addition to the youtube playlist


Thanks João!

I think I’d like to continue working on some dwarf videos.

This time with less talking lol


Okay round 2 of a demo.

Also, I can’t shut up in these videos and I’m sorry!

Hopefully this is a better way to present.


Hey guys, sorry my responses have been so infrequent here. It’s so awesome to see you guys making new videos about the device

I’ve added every video I’ve seen to the appropriate playlist on our YouTube channel. If I missed one let me know. I want to spend some time now reposting your content onto the Product Reviews, Demos & Unboxings thread

Let me know if there’s something else we can do for you to help you get some exposure

Something I’ve been doing recently is adding chapters to our YouTube videos. This is a really nice feature to add to your videos because it allows people to see a description of each section on the timeline and jump back and forward to the parts they want to see. I think having chapters favours your videos in the algorithm too

If you wanna try it out, just type the time followed by a chapter name as a list somewhere in the description of the video and it will automatically detect them as chapters. Just make sure the names aren’t too long and that the titles are at least 10 seconds apart

Here’s an example from our last video:

00:00 Intro
00:24 Dry DI Guitar
00:49 Guitar Amp
01:40 Front end pedals
02:05 Front end problem
02:34 Effects loop
02:22 The Physical Rig Problem
03:39 Introducing the Dwarf
04:03 Front End Dwarf
04:46 Effects Loop Dwarf
05:26 Front End and Effects loop Dwarf
06:49 Guitar Amp Dwarf
07:53 Stereo Effects
08:16 Outro
08:35 Bloopers


Thanks for that!

I have been wanting to do chapters but never found out exactly how lol

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Me too, I actually thought that you had to have above 10k subscribers or something but then I saw the video on how to do it in the YouTube Studio and I think it’s available to everyone

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Reposting this

Hey Folks

I just wanted to share this little home studio jam I did today - which is pretty much my first video with the Dwarf - I’m running it direct into Ableton via my Apollo Twin and as you can hear it’s noiseless - apart from when I activate the second channel which is where I have the Shiro Verb etc - it’s simply down to needing to adjust the level of one of the plugins… I’m looping a couple of soft synths using the amazing MIDI Guitar plugin by Jam Origin which really does work incredibly well for playing synths via you guitar/bass without the need for a MIDI pickup - I set three up in a synth rack in Live. The effects are triggered by Turnado (a great plugin by SugarBytes) and so the Dwarf is just looking after my bass signal - and doing a damn fine job of it. I’m using a Novation Launchpad X as a midi controller for the Dwarf - as i can map both macros and switch things on and off very quickly… the board is still a bit work in progress but I hope you enjoy some of this


Little contribution :sweat_smile: with the first unfinished pedalboard created on the Dwarf. definitely loving it.


Really cool videos @MikeFlynnBass and @PapaRoti thanks for sharing!
I added them to the Dwarf playlist, liked the videos and subscribed with the MOD YouTube channel

Is all the sound being generated by the Dwarf? it’s quite cool to see someone using it almost completely standalone!


Glad you like it! Yes, everything is from the Dwarf only the guitar in the end. However, all effects applied to the guitar is from the Dwarf as well. I used mostly the analogue soul for drum (with a blue box on the kick and a bass rig on the entire mix with a reverb), a black pearl for the tighter sounds. Also 3 different synth (fluid bass, fluid lead and Dx10). I tried a bit the Nekobi but couldn’t make it work for a quick one. This one seems to needs some homework to get the acid coming on. Each one of the generators has its own midi channel.

There’s a simple guitar rig with stereo delay as well. I tried to also use the midi out but wasn’t able to use the midi note to cc plugin (which will certainly become a topic on the forum if I still don’t succeed this week :sweat_smile:). Only mapped the synthesis types on the device and the delay tap tempo and division. So much more mapping could be done (and will be).


Thanks man - I’m getting more into the Dwarf - I’ll share any new pure Dwarf jams as soon as I get a chance to record them :raised_hands:t2::pray:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


Another little jam with the Dwarf using it with a gentle tremolo effect (actually using a bit of CV for the subtle wobble!) but also of interest is I’m running my Dwarf into Ableton here direct via my Apollo Twin with little or no noise - it’s recording well


Nice vid, @MikeFlynnBass – and again mad playing and superb tone on that bass as well.


Thanks again QM :facepunch:t2::pray:t2:

Benn Jordan using the DuoX in his first live gig since lock-down:

Could’ve probably let the DuoX do the midi clock translation with a custom plugin?


Only if you get a network to usb converter and special handling of those usb packets…

Well I made some time today to finally record.

Tore everything out and just focused on the dwarf, tracker, and make noise trio.

I’ve been in a weird mood, so the stuff I did today was also pretty weird. A return to the horror movie sounding stuff I originally wanted to do.

I bought that RMPro plug-in and I don’t think that will ever leave my boards from now on, what an amazing plug-in. I cannot wait to see what other premium plug-ins will offer in the future.

Anyway, listen, or don’t. Todays recordings were about getting something out of my body and may not be for everyone lol

Long one:

Short one:

Mod dwarf is handling all effects, midi pass through, and mastering! (So stoked on the mastering plug-in)

Hope you all are well!


I made an Instagram for the first time in 8 years lol boy am I out of date.

Less than a minute sound demo of my anesthesia board with the new RMPro mastering plug-in at the end of my chain.