Control Chain Devices?

As I am eagerly awaiting my Dwarf to turn up, I can’t help but wonder what to do with the control chain option.

Having it described as better than MIDI, i couldnt wait to see what additional hardware is available but only found 4 button footwitch : (

Then I found the arduino shield which looked promising to find a sketch for one button or one potentiometer : (

I did stumble across a 4 knob 2 screen box but cant find it anymore.

So heres my thoughts.

Is it really better than midi ? If so why only basic controllers?

I use a sketch made by Dave at Notes and Volts to make really cool controllers with 16 pots and 16 switches with ease. And I have no idea how to program arduinos but its so easy to change to what I need.

Can we work together to build a similar type of generic sketch that can be altered to suit?

Also how about having a blank dwarf case with the ethernet cut outs and powder coating to match to be drilled and machined to taste ?

Really hoping this can turn into something special and look forward to everyones responses

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oh, duplicate thread? I already replied here: Control Chain Devices

yeah sorry dreamer - I did put at the bottom about moving.

Thanks for your response though, much appreciated